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Endorsement - Dr. Phillip F. Adams





"I wish to commend the leadership of Orange County Worship Fellowship (OCWF) for launching this new ministry.  I believe the climate is right for this organization and the time is now.  OCWF is vital to single adults and is an asset to the church community at large.


I appreciate the fact that OCWF seeks to encourage singles to be Christ centered and to use their gifts and talents to glorify God, to minister to the church and to help reach the world for Christ rather than to focus on their singleness.  OCWF members will be enriched by the fellowship with others of like mind and they will have an opportunity to build new lifetime relationships. 


I encourage pastors and worship leaders to support OCWF.  The singles in your church will be encouraged by this group and your congregation will be greatly blessed by their ministry." 


Dr. Phillip F. Adams




Dr. Phillip F. Adams, a former pastor, evangelist, professor, Chaplin, missionary, conference speaker and musician, is now in his 60th year of ministry.  Dr. Adams has served as senior pastor of Valley Baptist Church of Burbank, First Baptist Church of San Pedro, First Baptist Church of Sepulveda, Stone Hurst Chapel in Sun Valley California, and First Baptist Church of Spokane, Washington.  Dr. Adams was executive director of Youth for Christ International in Greater Spokane and Yakima Valley, Washington.  He also served as President of the Southern California Conservative Baptist Association, and as President of the San Fernando Valley National Association of Evangelicals.  Dr. Adams was formally a U.S. Army Chaplin, Major.  He was also a Chaplin, Major in the Civil Air Patrol for over 35 years, a Chaplin, Major in the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, and was designated training Chaplin for the Hospital Chaplains of America.  He is a past President of the Reseda Kiwanis Club.  Dr. Adams has been married for over sixty years.  He is the father of four children, has eleven grandchildren and eight great grand children.