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Dale Britton



Dale Britton

Director of Outreach, Vocals, Guitar


Dale Britton is an evangelist, a vocalist, and a guitarist.  He is the son of pastor/evangelist Elton Britton.  Dale has been involved in evangelistic ministries across the US, Canada, Jamaica, the British Isles, Europe, and Mexico.  On these tours, he sang and preached in various churches, evangelistic outreaches, and conferences.  Dale was formerly executive director of Outreach Evangelism and has served on staff at Foothill Baptist Church as both worship director and youth pastor.

Dale is a professional negotiator and a designer, and owns construction, floor covering and carpet cleaning businesses.  He lives in Quail Valley.  Dale has never married.  He loves traveling and also enjoys scuba diving, flying, boating, skiing, and horseback riding.  B Sep 3.