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Web Site Instructions

YYMMDD Date Coding example: 9/21/02 Karaoke party date code is 020921
To transfer photos and sound files to your computer C drive:
- Start Windows Explorer, Create new folders in My Documents/:
	- /Band Pictures; /Band Practice Music; /Band Service Music
- On Web Site, right click on file, select Save Target As, hit enter
To view photos and listen to sound files stored on C drive:
- Start Windows Explorer, select folder,
  double click on image or sound file
File Extensions:
Photos: .JPG
Sound files: .MP3
If the MP3 files will not play on your computer,
you can download a free program from the web site called Winamp3.
Here is how to install Winamp3:
1) Create these two folders on your C drive:
   C:/Downloaded Software/Winamp3
2) On the web site, right click the MP3 Reader link
Select Save This Program To Disk, and
Enter your C drive folder name
For example, C:/Downloaded Software/Winamp3.
3) Install Winamp3:
In Windows Explorer,
Select C:/Downloaded Software/Winamp3.
Double click on Winamp3.
You can accept the default settings.
4) Launch Winamp3:
Click Windows Start button, Programs, Winamp3, Winamp3.
Right click anywhere on the Winamp3 window, select Play, File.
Select C:/Band Practice Music folder, double click on MP3 file.
The MP3 file should start playing.
Left click on the yellow speaker icon and adjust volume.